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Houston Swing Dance Society

November's Elective - Soul Line Dances

Written by Admin 25 October 2010

In preparation for Swing and Soul, we have our in-house Soul Diva, Ms. Tena Morales, to teach you some fabulously fun Soul Line Dances for November's elective! The elective meets every Sunday in November at 7:30pm.


Todd and Nina Workshop in Houston November 6th

Written by Admin 21 September 2010

HSDS is proud to present a great Lindy Hop workshop with Todd Yannacone and Nina Gilkenson on November 6th, 2010! The workshop will be held 1-5pm at the Melody Club and registration is only $40 for members/affiliates and $50 for non-members. Online registration is open! If you're a member, you'll need to log in to your HSDS account under the Membership tab above

We've added a Saturday evening dance! The dance will take place at the new D'Amico Dance Studio at 11151 Westheimer Rd from 8-midnight and is included with your registration for the workshop. Others are welcome and the admission will be $5!

Todd Yannacone is one of the most recognizable names on the swing dancing circuit today. He has won countless championship titles from the most prestigious competitions around - The American Lindy Hop Championships, The Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, The U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships, The National Jitterbug Championships, The Rhythmic Arts Festival, Lone Star Championships - to name just a few. Todd has been nominated for induction into the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame, and has been interviewed for articles by Swing Dancer Magazine as well as various other publications. He teaches vernacular jazz, balboa, lindy hop, and other vintage swing dances both locally and internationally, and loves spreading his passion for social dancing. He has been a featured instructor, performer, and judge at camps, workshops, and competitions the world over - from the legendary Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden to Asia, across North America, all over Europe, and everywhere in between. He specializes in connection and musicality, which is apparent every time he steps on the dance floor. He has worked with dance and music legends alike, and frequently can be found performing and competing with the acclaimed dance troupe to which he belongs, the Silver Shadows.

Nina Gilkenson. Lindy Hopper. Belly dancer. Hair-removal Laser Technician. The mysterious figure that is known only as "Nina" (and sometimes "Naomi") has many titles from prestigious dance competitions. But that's only a small part of her accomplishments. For instance, she can swivel in midair. She can simultaneously create vintage-style dresses and then destroy them while dancing. She can make 12-minute biscuits in 10 minutes. She writes upbeat musical theatre involving funeral homes. And last, but not least, she is a part of the award-winning Lindy Hop team the Silver Shadows, which sounds like it's a group of super heroes. And that's what she is. A Super Hero--one whose main super power is doing swivels in midair. And one day, they might save the world. Until then, she lives in Washington D.C. and falls down a lot. Nina currently resides in Baltimore, MD. Nina is also a co-organizer of The International Lindy Hop Championships.

Swing Out of Town

Written by Admin 26 October 2010

Get out your dancin' shoes and head over to some of these great events to get your fix. Workshops, exchanges, comeptitions and even parties are great ways to build up your dancing, meet new people and have a lot of fun.

Austin Lindy Exchange - November 19th-21st 2010 - Austin, TX- If you have bumped into an Austinite, chances are, they can't shut up about how much they love their home scene. "There is so much diversity, the music is amazing, the dancers are inspiring, the atmostphere is great, everyone is friendly, there are so many fun things to do around town." Well, now is your chance to come and see for yourself what all the buzz is about! Visit Austin, TX for a roaring good time with fantastic music, venues, live shows, weather & dancers!

Swing and Soul - December 10-12, 2010 - Atlanta, Ga-Swing and Soul is proud to invite everyone back to the ATL in 2010 for another weekend-long celebration of soul. We will have some new guests, and some new surprises. If you missed it the last two times, don't miss it again! Here's some of the cool stuff to expect at Swing & Soul 2010: Dancing Friday, Saturday, & Sunday from 8pm until the wee hours of the morning; Midnight soul food buffet on Friday & Saturday (with fried chicken and vegetarian food, too) Amazing special guests including: Bob Babbitt - Grammy award winning Bassist and member of the legendary Funk Brothers, Motown's house band that played on all the hits! Rob Bowman - Grammy award-winning author of Soulsville U.S.A. the Story of Stax Records. Ramiro Gonzalez - Dancer/instructor/entertainer. If you've never experienced Ramiro, you are in for something special!

Lonestar Championships - January 14-16th, 2011 - Austin, TX-Lone Star Championships is a competition weekend dedicated to social dancing with a party atmosphere. All of the contests are social dance competitions. No stress on your part, no need to prepare a routine, just come enjoy the weekend. Spontaneous, creative, amazing. Come to Lone Star.

Halloween Dance!

Written by Admin 11 October 2010

We hope everyone had a great time at the Halloween party last night! We have videos posted on our Facebook page and if you'd like to you can share you photos from the event on our photo tab
As luck would have it, Halloween not only falls on a Sunday this year, but also on our 5th Sunday! This means we're going to put on a ghoulishly good dance party for you and your ghosts, er, guest. So put your thinking caps on and come dressed in your best disguises. We'll be giving out prizes for the best costumes of the evening - trick-or-treat! We've cooked up a great band for your entertainment, The Old School Swing Band! We'll be dancing away the night 8:30-11pm for $5. The beginner lesson will still be free, so send your friends over for a crash course in Lindy Hop from 7-8:30pm! 
We just got word that Robin and Jerry will be teaching a very special routine for our non-beginners, a scary mash up of The Mad Scientist/Monster Mash/MJ's Ghost! This class will be 7-8:30 in the small studio by the stairs. During the dance, you'll get a chance to strut your stuff in a group performance! All classes will be free, however, entrance to the dance is $5. 
  • Location: King's Dance Studio 5410 Bellaire Blvd (2nd floor)
  • Beginner's lesson-7:00-8:30pm FREE taught by Julie and Nick
  • Monster Mash Lesson-7:00-8:30pm FREE taught by Robin and Jerry
  • Live Music: Old School Swing Band
  • Dance: 8:30-11pm, $5
  • Costume contest, performances by the B-team and more!

October's Elective is Sadie Hawkins Role Reversal

Written by Admin 30 September 2010

October's elective will be Sadie Hawkins (role-reversal). Follows will learn how to lead and Leads will learn how to follow. Aside from the fact that this is super fun because we will teach you how to steal and give leads & follow, you'll get to learn what it takes to make the dance work from 'the other side' and thus improve your own dancing. The October elective meets every Sunday in October at 7:30pm.

Swing Out of Town - TX Edition

Written by Admin 07 September 2010

We've got a lot going on in our own backyard over the next couple of months! It's time to take a road-trip and break out to see what's going on at these other great Texas events!
Alamo Stomp - October 8-10th, 2010 - San Antonio. The San Antonio Swing Dance Society would like to invite you to their third weekend workshop, Alamo Stomp. The weekend features two days of classes from Kevin St. Laurent and Jo Hoffberg, Nathan Bugh and Austin's own Mike Roberts and Laura Glaess. There will also be three nights of dancing with a live band on Friday and Saturday. Pre-registration is only $85 for SASDS members and affiliates at www.saswing.org.

Austin Lindy Exchange - November 19th-21st 2010 - Austin, TX- If you have bumped into an Austinite, chances are, they can't shut up about how much they love their home scene. "There is so much diversity, the music is amazing, the dancers are inspiring, the atmostphere is great, everyone is friendly, there are so many fun things to do around town." Well, now is your chance to come and see for yourself what all the buzz is about! Visit Austin, TX for a roaring good time with fantastic music, venues, live shows, weather & dancers!

Houston's Harvest Moon Ball

Written by Admin 28 July 2010

Mark your calendars for Houston's Harvest Moon Ball a celebration to honor the spirit of dedicated dancers in Houston! This year's Harvest Moon Ball will be held October 22nd, 2011. Houston's Harvest Moon Ball is a collaboration of two dance groups HSDS and the Rice Social Dance Society. It's a night to wear your sharpest clothing and dance the night away with great live music, performances, just-for-fun dance competitions and more! 

We're currently working on the band and will post information as it becomes available! Tickets will be $20.  Beginner lesson will be provided at 7pm and the dance will be at 8pm-midnight.

2010 HARVEST MOON BALL photos are now posted on our Facebook page. You can also download the originals at David Holmes Photography

Click for more info

October 2nd Crash Course and Dancing at the NEW SSQQ

Written by Admin 27 September 2010

On October 2nd head over to the NEW SSQQ for their first Swing Dance Sock Hop! Poodle skirts, bowling shirts, greasers, dorks, bohemians, eclectics, jocks are all welcome. The HSDS Lindy Hoppers and more dancers will be joining us, too!

Crash Courses are 6-8pm and the party is 8pm till ??

Charles Soileau & Suzie—Beginning Shag
Alex Cloutier & Samantha Garfield--Int.Lindy Hop
Steverino Gabino-- Beg East Coast Swing
Judy Archer & Maureen B—Shim Sham line dance & performance
Jack & Jackie Bernard-- Beg West Coast Swing
JB Brodie & Michelle Wann Haynes –Int/Adv West Coast Swing
Crash Courses cost $20 per person
Party is $7 per person
Crash course +party is $35 per couple
Performances by:
The HSDS's ace performance team the Houston Hepcats as well as the HSDS B-Team performers will put on Lindy Hop performances, which are always crowd pleasers. Charles and Suzie will demo a Shag dance. JB and Michelle will put on a WC demo loaded with advanced moves made to look deceptively easy.

Where: SSQQ is located in the Heights where East TC Jester and Ella and 18th and 19th and 20th all come together . They are in the same building as Restaurant Depot, around the left side toward the back. 1431 West 20th St, Houston TX 77008.

Frankie Manning Biography

Written by Admin 28 August 2010

Just who was Frankie Manning? Whether you're a longtime swing dancer or new to the dance floor, we hope you will enjoy and be inspired by this introduction to one of America's greatest dancers.


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