HSDS teaches Lindy Hop classes Sundays at the Historic Eldorado Ballroom (2310 Elgin St).

The Beginner's Lesson is a short crash course every Sunday - perfect for new dancers! Lindy I-III are 4-week, progressive series that begin on the 1st Sunday of every month. Join us at the beginning of the month so you don't miss a single beat for these classes!

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the posted start time to register.

Sunday Night Schedule

Description Times
Lindy II: Lindy Hop Basics* 6:00-6:45PM
Lindy III: Lindy Hop Vocabulary* 6:00-6:45PM
Lindy I: Intro to Lindy Hop* 6:45-7:30PM
Beginner's Lesson - Intro to Swing Dancing 7:30-8:00PM
Social Dance - All Are Welcome! 8:00-10:00PM

* = denotes 4-week progressive series, which start over on the first Sunday of every month

Tuesday Night Schedule

Join HSDS for another month of Tuesday night classes and discussions and follow the HSDS Tuesday Classes Facebook group for the latest updates!

Week # Event (from 8:15-10pm) Location Pricing

Weeks 1&2

Elective Classes Dauntless Dance (3221 Houston Ave) $7 (each class)

Week 3

Topical Tuesday Dancer Discussion Cafe Express (River Oaks - 1422 W Gray St) Free!

Class Descriptions

HSDS is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of Swing dancing. We strive to keep classes fun, fresh and affordable. To qualify for discounted lessons, please consider supporting HSDS and become a member. Convenient discounts are given to members.

Check out the Pricing page for details on pricing and discounts!

class1 Small

Beginner's Lesson (Introduction to Swing Dancing) - Sundays 7:30-8:00pm

This 30-minute crash course will get you out on the dance floor, featuring six-count swing. No partner or experience required!

Lindy I (Introduction to Lindy Hop) - Sundays 6:45-7:30pm

One month of instruction in the basic steps and technique of swing dancing. Join us on the first Sunday of the month to begin this set of classes. No partner or previous dance experience required! Instruction in the 8-count rhythm, the swing out, and the lindy circle.

class2 Small

Lindy II (Lindy Hop Basics) - Sundays 6:00-6:45pm

Students are expected to have completed Lindy I to take this course. Lessons include development of the swing out technique, basic 8-count turns, and the Charleston basic.

Lindy III (Lindy Hop Vocabulary) - Sundays 6:00-6:45pm

Students are expected to have completed Lindy II to take this course. Lessons in this course will expand upon the technique from the basic moves taught in Lindy I & II as well as ways to add creativity to your dancing.

class3 Small

Elective and Discussion - Tuesdays 8:15-10:00pm

Topics will vary and will be announced beforehand and include Charleston, other Swing styles, and Jazz Line Dances. This class is considered All-levels unless otherwise noted. Also once a month, there is a group discussion with members of the HSDS community on various topics relating to Lindy Hop! Check out the HSDS Tuesday Classes Facebook group for the latest updates!

class4 Small

Social Dance! - Sundays at 8:00-10:00pm

The best way to perfect your Lindy Hop is to get out and dance! What better time to practice than after your classes. Our dances are open to anyone, regardless of your membership, or class enrollment.

code4 Small

5th Sunday Beginner's Lesson and Dance

Every time there is a 5th Sunday in the month, HSDS offers a fun 5th Sunday lesson in Beginner's Swing Dance from 6-7:00pm. The dance will either feature live music for a cover charge or will be free for all attendees - stay tuned on our Facebook page to see what's happening! We want you to get a taste of all the swing dancing we're having here. You'll learn enough swing to stick around and have some fun at the dance following the lesson which is a great introduction to swing and will prepare you for the Lindy I class series that starts the following week, always on the first Sunday of the month.

5th Tuesday Special Class

Every time there is a 5th Tuesday in the month, HSDS offers a fun 5th Tuesday lesson or dance from 8:15-10:00pm - stay tuned with the HSDS Tuesday Classes Facebook group to see what's happening!