Lindy 3: Expanding your dancing

This lesson series is for anyone who wants to challenge their dancing in the best possible way. Lessons in this series will expand on the technique from the basic moves taught in Lindy 1 and 2 and will give you more avenues to add creativity to your dancing. Each series runs for 4 weeks, beginning on the first Sunday of each month.

Sunday Night Schedule

Description Times
Lindy 2: Spins and Turns* 6:00-6:45PM
Lindy 3: Expanding your dancing* 6:00-6:45PM
Lindy 1: Intro to Lindy Hop* 6:45-7:30PM
6-Count: Intro to Swing Dancing 7:30-8:00PM
Social Dance - All Are Welcome! 8:00-10:00PM

* = denotes 4-week progressive series, which start over on the first Sunday of every month