***UPDATE for 4/16/17 and 4/23/17!!!***

We were alerted today that the Eldorado Ballroom is completely closed, so there will be no classes or dance tonight. We look forward to seeing you at our next scheduled dance and classes on Sunday, April 30th. Sorry for the short notice -- but take this as an opportunity to spend time with the family, rest up for the week ahead, or work on those other hobbies!

Every Sunday Night at the Eldorado Ballroom





Six-Count Swing Sunday 7:30-8:00PM
Lindy I: Intro to Lindy Hop** Sunday 6:45-7:30PM
Lindy II: Lindy Hop Basics** Sunday 6:00-6:45PM
Lindy III: Lindy Hop Variations** Sunday 6:00-6:45PM
Practice Dance--All Are Welcome!! Sunday 8:00-10:00PM
Lindy IV: Critique** Tuesday 8:15-9:15PM
Elective** Tuesday 9:15-10:00PM

**denotes 4-week series which starts over on the first Sunday or Tuesday of every month (respective of which day the class is scheduled)


  • Sunday classes and dance at the Eldorado Ballroom (2310 Elgin)
  • Tuesday classes at the Dauntless Dance Studio (3221 Houston Ave)




Tuesday Lessons!

Join us at Dauntless Dance (3221 Houston Ave) starting at 8:15pm every Tuesday for more learning!

April classes are Lindy 4 (Connection of Tuck Turns - Robin & Jerry from 8:15-9:15pm and the Lindy Elective for all levels (Solo Jazz Moves - Kari) from 9:15-10pm.

Water Bottles!

HSDS is now selling water bottles for $5 each on Sunday nights. Contact us or the front-desk volunteers if you're interested!




Lindyfest takes place every year during Spring Break (was on March 16-19 for 2017). Registration is NOT open now. Stay tuned in Fall 2017 for Lindyfest 2018 registration details.